Speedflow Webinar – Updated CallMax Solution Overview

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Speedflow Team is pleased to announce the CallMax Solution Webinar. You are welcome to attend the Webinar to find out more about our Class 5 Solution (PBX, Calling Card, Call Shop).

The webinar covers the following topics:

  • CallMax Solution general survey
  • PBX/Calling Card/Call Shop Setup
  • Various Reports

Time/Date: 13.00 GMT, Wednesday, 23rd April, 2014
Duration: 30 min
Presenter: Ako Gurjinyan, Director Software Sales
Language: English


CallMax is a modular structure, multifunctional, highly scalable and reliable Solution. It comprises IP PBX, Calling Card, and Call Shop modules. Each of them is a full-fledged Solution managed as a standalone product as well as a Complete Set.

To learn more please contact us at info@speedflow.com