Start smart and climb to the top with MediaCore Lite!

Speedflow dedicates a lot of time and resources every year in the quest of helping telecom startups and growing businesses achieve success and raise the level of the whole industry. This year we are proud to present a brand new platform that will stimulate such companies to make a brave move and change the VoIP world – MediaCore Lite.

Your telecom business might just be entering the market, but that doesn’t mean its not significant enough to make a difference. Every big player was a beginner in their early days, before they found the right methods
and partners. Even after we reach the initial goal we still need tools to ensure our proper future development. So let Speedflow’s experience lead the way while you enjoy the fruits of success.

MediaCore Lite is not just there to help you increase your traffic – its an integral part of launching future telecom-related business models, like SMS services for example, without changing the existing infrastructure.

Get to know MediaCore Lite better by contacting us at software@speedflow.com and start rocking today!