Success Story: Increase your traffic by 60% with the MediaCore SBC

Talkshop LLC is a telecom services provider that offers VoIP wholesale and CLI routes as well as direct termination services. Alif Joarder, CEO of Talkshop LLC, was kind enough to tell us how the MediaCore SBC improved his VoIP business and contributed to its growth.

– Dear Alif, how did you find about the MediaCore SBC?

– My good friend and reliable business partner recommended me Speedflow products and advised us to try the MediaCore based on his good experience.

– And what was your overall impression on it?

– During tests, we discovered that MediaCore had all necessary and useful features for our wholesale voice business. We had no doubts concerning the platform.

– Which results have you achieved since you started to use the MediaCore SBC?

– We got immediate business growth. After one year of the MediaCore usage we increased our traffic by 60%. We were really impressed!

– What will be your message to potential MediaCore users?

– Speedflow provides a complete and practical solution for wholesale VoIP business. We highly recommend the MediaCore!