Success story – MediaCore is what iPhone was to the mobile industry

Speedflow recently got in touch with CybizzTel – a trusted partner of ours and a successful user of MediaCore SBC. Saira Khan, the Executive director of CybizzTel, spoke about the numerous benefits that came after MediaCore integration into the business processes of the company. Impressed by the endless possibilities of the solution she even called it “a complete revolution”.


CybizzTel faced many issues with the real-time billing, individual client-supplier routing, and rate management system before migrating to the MediaCore SBC. Having an easy to use, reliable and updated system was what the company needed. That is why their executive director began looking for other VoIP software solution alternatives on the market.


CybizzTel searched for the best options in the industry and even consulted with their business partners, trying to find what best fitted their business needs. After thorough testing, they found out that MediaCore had eliminated issues they were up against earlier and provided more options the company didn’t even think it needed. Currently, they are phasing out all other third party Telecom business management solutions they were using before MediaCore.


MediaCore has essentially reduced CybizzTel reliance on third-party audit and billing applications, data and proactive complaint management systems. So far the figures indicate that the company would be saving tens of thousands of dollars, if not more, by the end of their first fiscal year since migrating to MediaCore SBC.

Technically speaking, the system optimizes their work by generating TT quickly and easily. It also provides multiple ways for evaluating technical problems which saves them time and involves less human resources. Moreover, the real-time billing system of MediaCore SBC has improved swap deal rates considerably. The precise evaluation of route quality eliminates all issues, thus preventing them from becoming an actual problem.


“MediaCore is what iPhone was to the mobile industry. A complete revolution. It’s not a one problem solution, but a solution to major problems. Its proactive management of TTs, as well as real-time indicators of route quality, save you from potential bad deals. MediaCore is user-friendly. It has smart options that take care of most of your billing and technical operations. It gives you updated reports of everything running on the system, which consequently helps to control your business in an informed and updated way.” – says Saira Khan, executive director of CybizzTel.

CybizzTel Ltd was founded in 2012 as a VoIP wholesale services provider. They have grown to a multinational Asian company, terminating millions of minutes per month. The company is connected with over 400 partners around the globe, including tier 1 and tier 2 companies. Their main focus is African, Asian CIS and European destinations for voice and SMS traffic.