Success Story on Energetix GMBH MediaCore experience

Energetix GMBH

We are happy to announce a brand new MediaCore case study based on Energetix GMBH successful MediaCore experience. It is already available on our website and free to download.

We believe this case study will be useful for those who are taking initial steps on the VoIP Wholesale market and planning to achieve remarkable results.

From this case study you will learn what were the challenges the startup company faced up and why they chose the MediaCore as a solution for VoIP wholesale traffic. What’s more, you will find out the results the company has achieved with help of the MediaCore.

This case study is a good example of how a startup company can leverage from an all-in-all solution for switching, billing, transcoding and managing VoIP traffic.

Company profile

Energetix GMBH is a young VoIP provider, established in 2011, focuses on voice wholesale termination and origination services.

About the MediaCore

The carrier-grade Class 4 MediaCore Solution is a softswitch with its own advanced billing, transcoding and Revenue Assurance mechanism. It is a scalable platform designed for any-sized VoIP wholesale providers.