Take a peek at Christmas – celebrated the Speedflow way!

speedflow celebrates Christmas 2016

Salutations, friends! An exciting new year started and most of us are already busy with their everyday tasks. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a moment for some fun, right?! Great! Because I have a great story for you!

The story takes place in Wonderland, a place where everyone are friends and work together to build an even better and brighter future. Right in its heart, the Speedflow castle was a host of the annual Christmas Dance. People from many distant kingdoms gathered to have fun and say Hello to another New Year. There was one simple rule – as we are in Wonderland, we have to bring our craziest hats!

The guests truly made their best to be noticed – from Japanese emperor hats, to cartoon characters, top hats and the finest selection of cowboys and pirates you can imagine. Once the Christmas guests gathered it was time to party and things went wild, you can be sure. There were food and drinks suitable for a king’s wedding, the finest staff in the kingdom were taking care of our every desire, exotic dancers, games and laughs…something for everyone. But why are we talking so much when we can just show you? Take a look at all our Mad Hatters and see who did the best job:

Like what you see? Do you think we partied as hard as we worked all year? If you want to be a part of the next party, make sure to meet us when we come to the distant kingdom of Chicago at ITW 2016. Fun is guaranteed