The MediaCore SMS Solution Testimonial by TTiTC

‘Try it and you will not get disappointed’

TTiTC is an experienced IT company with the main office in Poland. They operate in telecommunications and other IT related fields. TTITC provides design and system integration, offers telecom equipment and a wide range of services. Lately, they implemented SMS termination service with the MediaCore SMS Solution. Ledjon Agalliu, Head of SMS Department, shared his opinion about the MediaCore SMS Solution:

“We were looking for a platform that could process a large volume of SMS and had an accurate billing. I had a wide experience with the MediaCore before. When I found their platform, I didn’t think twice and contacted Speedflow. We didn’t spend much time searching for SMS Solution.

The MediaCore SMS has numerous benefits! First of all, it’s very practical and easy to use. Secondly, it saves our time & costs. Furthermore, it is really affordable for starting this business.

With the MediaCore platform, we achieved great results. Our list of clients is going larger and larger. We have a minimal number of technical issues. When we need assistance, Speedflow technical Team is ready to answer. Finally, our traffic is increasing day by day that leads to revenue growth.

We recommend the MediaCore SMS Solution. Try it and you will not get disappointed!”