The MediaCore Softswitch Testimonial by Nomini Invest

‘We have good impressions.’
‘…stability and accuracy of our network.’

Mohannad A’abed, Business Development Manager,
Nomini Invest

1. When was the Mediacore Softswitch launched by your company?

Our company implemented the MediaCore Softswitch about 3 months ago.

2. What kind of issues did you face up before migrating to the MediaCore?

We had SIP Messages discrepancies and billing disputes between our carriers and vendors. So, we were looking for a new softswitch solution for solving these issues.

3. What features/options of the MediaCore impressed you most and affected your decision in favor of our Softswitch?

First of all, transcoding license. Another important thing for us was its accuracy billing. We were impressed with these features.

4. The MediaCore includes various modules: Switch, Billing, Guardian, Transcoding. List the set of modules you are having now?

We are having all the modules. All of them are necessary for our business.

5. How long did it take to have the MediaCore installed?

The installation procedure took 1 working day only.

6. What’s your overall impression on the NOC Team Support?

We have good impressions. Technical support is available 24/7. They are working hard.

7. What results have you got since you started to use the MediaCore Softswitch?

Softswitch with integrated billing and transcoding provides stability and accuracy of our network.