The MediaCore Testimonial by 4plus Communications

‘The MediaCore gave us a full control of our network.’
‘I am satisfied with the service, features and performance.’

Marc Haddad, Technical Manager, 4plus Communications

1. Please describe in 2-3 sentences the challenges you faced up before migrating to the MediaCore.

Before migrating to the MediaCore Softswitch we had been facing a lot of issues connected with accessibility and configuration. The MediaCore provided us with total control over our network.

2. Please describe the searching process. How long were you searching for the appropriate software? How many solutions did you consider? How did you find out about the MediaCore?

The MediaCore was recommended by one of your customers. It was a good choice. I am satisfied with the service, its features and performance.

3. Please list three main MediaCore benefits.

The main advantages are flexibility, usability, and technical support. But the MediaCore has much more benefits. Reporting engine, statistics, price… Everything aims at helping to improve the business.

4. Please summarize in a few sentences results you achieved with help of the MediaCore (in terms of return on investment, client base, technical issues, sales, timesaving, revenue, etc.).

Since we have migrated, the voice quality got better.

When I face any issue, Speedflow support team helps us to understand what is really going on. They solve our issues quickly.

Speedflow staff are friendly It’s a pleasure to cooperate with them and get positive results.

5. Your message to all potential MediaCore customers:

Learn how to use the MediaCore features and use it. If you face up any difficulty, ask support because they are available any time you need them.

4 plus is a VoIP termination provider that operates mainly in Libya. Company has been operating for several years, offering high-quality telecom services. 4 plus is also partner of a money exchange company and manages a local payment system on Libyan market.