The MediaCore Testimonial by iTechvillage L.L.C.

‘MediaCore is the right choice for your business.’
‘Speedflow knows exactly what VoIP wholesale providers need.’
Hossein Shams, Director, iTechvillage L.L.C.

iTechvillage L.L.C. has been using the MediaCore Solution since February, 2013. Hossein Shams, Director of iTechvillage L.L.C. gave us his feedback on the MediaCore and described the main advantages of this Class 4 Solution.

‘First of all, I would like to say “Thanks” to the MediaCore Development Team.

I had lots of issues with my old softswitch, especially with routing features. When I found the MediaCore and learned its options, I found it very feature-rich. I decided to buy it and now I am using it without any issues. It allows me to do things which I wasn’t able to do before.

When I decided to change my old softswitch, I tested 3 or 4 other brands and each of them was lacking in features. I had been in touch with Speedflow for a long time so I asked them for the MediaCore demo. When I tested it, I found it very good. It is a user-friendly solution that has all of the features which are offered in more expensive softswitches.

The MediaCore has numerous advantages. The most important of them are cost-effectiveness when compared with similar solutions from different brands, easy configuration, and a user-friendly design. It has lots of really useful options. Speedflow also provides a flexible installment plan which was very significant.

Speedflow has a very professional team. The Company has huge experience in VoIP industry. They know exactly what VoIP wholesale providers need. That’s why Speedflow offers a Solution that meets all requirements and they update it regularly according to market needs. So I highly recommend the MediaCore and advise VoIP providers not to waste their time with other softswitch solutions. MediaCore is the right choice for your business.’