The smile of fortune

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New Year lottery results

Before the  New Year our partners were offered to take part in new year raffle with exotic prizes. It turned out that true gourmets work in VoIP companies. They can really appreciate exquisite combination of unusual tastes. During the two weeks of the campaign we received more than a hundred responses from all over the world. The prizes comprised of three sets of a bottle of Ukrainian vodka and a jar of rare beluga caviar.

The competition was rather active. Finally we are glad to announce the winners:

Babu Pradhan (CIT Communications, Inc.)
Konstantin Yarosh (CTCom)
Eugeny Gorbunov (Transit Media Company Inc.)

Congratulations to the winners. Let this year be under your lucky star. You will receive the prizes in the following couple of weeks.

We are grateful to all the competitors and are planning to carry out some more interesting competitions and raffles for our partners. Follow the news on our website and you will definitely benefit!