Turn-key Solution for VoIP Wholesale Business

VoIP Wholesale Business

Turn-key solutions are bread and butter for telecom vendor’s businesses. There are numerous benefits of getting all you need from one vendor. The main advantage is that such a provider is inside the project and knows all the details of it. Vendor prepares custom-made solution, and you can be sure that it meets your requirements absolutely. The same supplier maintains your softswitch and can solve all your questions. You always know who can help you. That’s why turn-key solutions are so popular now.

Speedflow Communications provides VoIP carriers with such a solution based on SaaS model. Due to our turn-key solution you can reduce your CAPEX. We charge monthly rental payments only. You can migrate to our proprietary software platform with no risk of losing your investments.

Our infrastructure allows us to provide wholesale VoIP companies worldwide with end-to-end solution for their voice business. Turn-key solution includes high-performance MediaCore Softswitch with billing, transcoding and revenue assurance system, dedicated NAS and billing servers, rack space in collocation, Internet bandwidth, technical support and software upgrades. Everything is included in this offer.

Our company has points of presence in European, American and Asian regions. Speedflow cooperates with well-known data centers and guarantees the high level of data security and redundancy. We use only reliable equipment. The quality of the MediaCore Softswitch is proven by lots of customers worldwide. Long-term cooperation and mutual benefit are the key components of our business.