Turning CallMax into a Turnkey Solution – Interview from LocalCall

During the last month we had a very special guest staying with us in our Bulgarian office. Mr Darrell Shanti, the CTO of LocalCall, visited the Plovdiv Team with a very unique project in mind. They were already using our established CallMax platform and wanted to see if they can do some custom modifications that will better serve their own customer base. The cooperation proved to be a great success and at the end we sat down with Mr Shanti to summarize his impressions about the city, the company, the people and of course – the project at hand. Take a look at what he had to say and share with us your own ideas and projects. You can find a transcription of the interview below the video!

R: Welcome to the Speedflow office in Plovdiv, we are having today Darrell Shanti, CTO of Localcall Telecom company.
D: Thank you!
R: Please tell us a bit about your company.
D: Ok, I come from Localcall Telecom, we are based in Spain, England and basically in Belgium. We operate telecom services for support companies.These guys are really interested in money, revenue, they are not interested in the backend services. We provide that service using CallMax. CallMax is simple for us to use and sufficient.
R: Is that where your project started? Give us a little bit more details about your project with Speedflow.
D: Ok, 2 years ago we had a major problem with over 150 clients which are all small, 50c operations. Managing them was the most horrendous job ever. So we came to Speedflow with an answer – Can you help us build a complete turnkey solution for this, to manage this?
R: And you are happy with that?
D: Fantastic, this is one of the reasons we are here.
R: We have been having you here for a quite a while, in our office, can you share a bit what are your impressions of the atmosphere, the people here…
D: We came to your office to understand how this service can be done with the clients. We’ve been a client to you here and we then let them develop a turnkey solution. That was the reason – we wanted to see how it was prepared from start to finish. What we found was very efficient, dynamic and it works for what it is because the guy walks off with the service working. That’s what’s important in Speedflow.
R: Would you say that that’s your main benefit from your cooperation with Speedflow?
D: This is the reason we are here. It means that we can find a one-stop solution for every need. We are now working with you guys, producing a turnkey solution, which means that we can build a custom PBX. It works and the guy the other day spends no more than 5 days developing it on paper, but it works and that’s why we are here.
R: I am happy to hear that, and can you please leave us a short message maybe, for our potential customers?
D: Potential Customers, instead of looking around in the market to see what you can do, you can then buy some of the Google stuff, you can buy the CRM solutions, you can buy the Android versions, you can buy everything which are desktop. The simplest and most efficient service is SIP based where its dealt with incoming calls, and that is what the SIP solution is. Telecom – on the floor, this is a one-stop solution with Speedflow and they provide the universal tool which allows to take you anywhere, without paying licenses today.
R: Well thank you for sharing your experience…
D: Thank you very much!
R: And that was all from us 🙂