MediaCore: Perfect Solution for SMS Business

voice innovatorsWe are always happy to receive feedback from partners, as it gives us a chance to polish our roadmap. This time, we had a great opportunity to talk to Usman Ashraf, managing partner at Voice Innovators LLC, who have been using MediaCore SMS since October 2019.

Here is what he had to say about the platform:


Please describe the search process.  How many solutions did you consider prior to MediaCore?

When we were planning to start an SMS venture, we looked into multiple available options for a likely platform and found MediaCore to be the best option in terms of capabilities and support.

Please list three main MediaCore benefits or features that were most useful for you.

MediaCore is the perfect solution for SMS. It provides users with a proper routing mechanism that is easy to use and is flexible. The billing and invoice mechanisms are also perfect. On top of that, technical support is perfect and available whenever it is required.

Please summarise in a few sentences the results you achieved with the help of the MediaCore.

MediaCore is simply WOOOOW to use platform for SMS. With MediaCore, we are achieving our goals.

What’s your message to all potential MediaCore customers?

MediaCore is the best platform that we came across during our hunt for an SMS solution. It’s just awesome, and we really admire the technical and commercial teams support.


Voice Innovators LLP is an international voice, SMS and calling card service provider, offering voice services, SMS to small and mid-sized companies and helping them to enhance their business.  The primary focus of Voice Innovators LLP are the IT, telecom and financial sectors.