MediaCore Lite
55 Hanger Lane London, United Kingdom W5 3HL
1А Arch. Kamen Petkov str., Plovdiv, 4017, Bulgaria

Focus on your business development instead of worries about its financing. A perfect opportunity for startups and smaller companies to make a difference!

Reaching into the telecom industry can be costly, especially when you are just in the beginning of your journey. Trust Speedflow to provide you with all the needed tools and assistance to make this journey as smooth and exciting as it should be. A focused approach for your new VoIP business!

Based on a popular and tested SBC solution, MediaCore Lite guarantees to deliver the same quality switching, routing, billing and transcoding tools to take you to the top!

In order to understand how much you really get with MediaCore Lite, here is a list of essential features you can take advantage of:

  • Least Cost Routing
  • Profit-based Routing
  • Invoicing and Balancing
  • Price List Management
  • Financial Analytics
  • Simple Guardian Protection
  • Codec Conversion

Unlike many other comparable tools you can easily upgrade and add the functionalities that you require. The Speedflow Team takes care of the whole upgrade for you!

Simply put – when you feel that your needs outgrow the capabilities of MediaCore Lite, we can easily switch you to the MediaCore SBC version. You are not tied with a long contract, nor there are any special settings and transfers you need to setup. A simple request to our Software Team is all it takes and they will perform the whole upgrade for you. Easy, seamless, totally professional!