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Strong business solutions and Telecom services meeting the highest standards in the VoIP industry since 2004.

Meeting the highest standards in the VoIP industry since 2004

About us

Speedflow is a collective of companies that have proven success track record in the Telecom industry for over 19 years. Since 2004, we have helped our clients with key business services and solutions. We succeed through hard work, effective communication, teamwork, a drive to expand, and dedication to our clients and partners.

MediaCore SBC

Carrier-grade VoIP platform created exclusively for Voice traffic. The Softswitch provides delivery of top-notch telecommunication services as well as usability and scalability. 

MediaCore SMS

An award-winning stand-alone SMS hubbing and bulk SMS platform with a complete intelligent set of functions that guarantee superior A-Z SMS Termination. Designed to develop messaging businesses.

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A Class 4 Softswitch that embodies all VoIP business processes!

Wholesale Services

With top VoIP Wholesale Termination rates and the highest price-to-quality ratio in the industry, we offer dependable CLI, Non-CLI, and TDM routes worldwide.


SMS services of the utmost precision and quality. As a leading SMS provider with interconnections to hundreds of operators around the globe, we offer wholesale services at the most stable routes.

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More than a thousand organizations rely on our services and solutions to compete in today’s dynamic business environment.

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Everything about the VoIP business: Explore interesting facts about the industry, along with practical blueprints for success.