ITW 2016: Two Different Stories

ITW 2016Dear Partners! More than 2 months have passed after ITW 2016 but we are still hyped from all the wonderful connections and partnerships we were able to create. We wanted to show all of our friends how useful it is to attend all those events and conferences and this is why we decided to share a couple of stories that turned into great deals*. Let us show you Speedflow at ITW from a different angle!

Rosa Globaltel is a rising provider of wholesale services to Carriers, Service Vendors and Business Customers. After ITW 2016 they decided to make the next step and start using Speedflow’s ERP – AccuCore. Robert Ciuca, the CEO, was kind enough to share some of his impressions. According to Robert, he knows Speedflow for a long time, exchanging traffic with us. They were on the market for a billing tool that can simplify their work and AccuCore was the first choice on the list. Robert had conversations with a couple of members from the Software Sales Team and as he says “they are professionals and it was very easy to convince me to get AccuCore and to become a partner”. It was a pleasure to meet Rosa Globaltel at ITW and we are looking in to the future with great perspectives.

OM Telentia is a dynamic VoIP provider from Hong Kong with strong presence in the Asian, African and Middle East markets. They are also very old friends of ours. We caught a word with their CEO Pramod Sah and, as he mentions “excellent service and support” is what made him love Speedflow in the first place. Among the other advantages he pinpoints, are the variety of reports and monitoring options, anti-hack security features and the flexibility in granting access to other team members. ITW 2016 was the turning point for them and due to increased traffic and presentation of new modules from our Head of Software Sales, our partners from OM Telentia have successfully upgraded to the next MediaCore SBC package. We are sure they will continue to enjoy the great features provided by our Software with their newly enhanced package!

We look at every industry event as an opportunity. And ITW is one of the best opportunities for us to expand our relationships in the telecom and software markets. These events create one of the best relations as you meet new partners personally and have an opportunity to share plans for mutual growth. Whether you are a Wholesale or Retail company, whether you are big or small, new or established – you can always find new ways to expand!

*Permission taken from the affected parties