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Telecom Services

  • Competitive VoIP rates to A–Z destinations
  • Permanent services extension to other countries
  • We welcome new partners worldwide

Class 4 Softswitch - MediaCore

  • Class 4 softswitch with native protocol & codec conversion designed to handle high peaks of traffic.
  • Integrated signaling and interconnection robot, routing engine, billing with advanced tools.
  • This software package makes your VoIP business competitive and effective.

Class 5 Softswitch - CallMax

  • Residential and Hosted IP PBX with built-in IVR.
  • SIP, PIN, ANI, IP address and login/password authorisation.
  • Multi level dealer network support.
  • Roaming call forward mechanism.

Pay-n-Get - turnkey solution for pre-paid services

  • Processing system for on-line PIN-codes distribution
  • High speed of transaction processing
  • Integration possibility for any accounting program

VoIP oriented back office support & accounting solution

  • «Over the billing» system designed to automate business processes.
  • Advanced reports generation system.
  • ERP-software for VoIP-business which makes routine work while you make money.
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  • Interview with MediaCore Clients
  • Interview with MediaCore Clients
  • Interview with MediaCore Clients
  • Interview with Massimo Lucera
  • Interview with MediaCore Clients

Products Testimonials

softswitch feedback

Michael Jensen, Director of Wholesale Operations, INC Allianz
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Sunil Charly, Director Operations, Kol Telecom
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All MediaCore Softswitch feedbacks

class 4 softswitch with billing tools

'This is the most value for money e-voucher solution on the market...' View feedback

softswitch for voip

'…highly functional and low cost system…'
'enables us to make changes to suite our business environment..'  View feedback

softswitch feedback by Telefonica

Dmitriy Zinkovsky, the director of PriaNet

'AccuCore system was implemented by our company in 2008.We immediately started using the program, so we can say that the system running-in was in real life conditions...'
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