MediaCore SMS Platform

MediaCore SMS Platform

Speedflow has developed the MediaCore SMS Softswitch, a stand-alone Bulk SMS server software solution. Being part of the original Class 4 MediaCore SBC, the stand-alone MediaCore SMS solution comes with the complete intelligent set of functionalities that guarantee exceptional A-Z SMS termination quality.

The MediaCore SMS platform can be used as an integrated part of the complete MediaCore SBC for both voice and SMS traffic. Having an API on board, it can be integrated into any OSS/BSS or other third party systems like ERP, CRM, etc. The high-quality of SMS services carriers provide will remain unaffected either way.

MediaCore SMS gateway has the capacity to process up to 1000 SMS messages per second. Besides the main features like Switching, Routing, and Billing, the MediaCore SMS platform offers Reporting and Analytic Tools that automate data processing, optimise carriers’ business operations and secure the integrity of their network. Try the ultimate Bulk SMS solution!

SMS Switching

High-end Bulk SMS and A2P messaging standards


The MediaCore SMS platform ensures the smooth and uninterrupted delivery of SMS wholesale messaging from one carrier to another. The solution maintains and prioritises network traffic operations, providing high level of security and SMS data packets protection.



  • Carrier-to-carrier SMS traffic processing
  • SMPP protocol support
  • Network topology hiding
  • Full proxy
  • MCC-MNC look-up

SMS Routing

Flexibility and high performance in one solution


MediaCore SMS platform offers simple and advanced routing modes to provide flexibility and meet the requirements of SMS aggregators of any size. Features can be set according to businesses’ needs to increase profitability, quality of service and to reduce network traffic overload.



  • Simple and advanced modes
  • SMS dial peers
  • TX/RX and TRX connection modes
  • LCR, priority and daytime  routing
  • RADIUS routing

SMS Billing

Comprehensive billing, invoicing and analysis


MediaCore SMS comes with a highly functional billing system to automate and optimise the efficiency of your SMS financial operations. With SMS billing, carriers can regulate their costs, monitor clients’ payment status and enhance  profitability rates. Statistics, reports, and integrated charts and diagrams gives businesses a bird’s-eye view of their financial transactions.



  • XDR (SMS detail record)
  • DLR (Delivery Report)
  • Automatic invoice generation
  • Filterable reports
  • Multi-currency support
  • Financial analysis tools


Reports & Visualization

Our convenient reporting and visualization tools cover all business aspects, turning data into clear and accessible charts and graphs—vital for business analysis and planning.

Technical Support

Speedflow technical support team offers 24/7 assistance, free trainings for new users and free release updates.

softswitch functionality


The SMS platform provides outbound 1-way A2P communication and all required bulk SMS features: delivery reports, sender ID, long SMS option, etc.

FAS detection


We have more than 15 years market expertise in crafting telecom solutions and providing industry-leading VoIP and SMS services.

Try & Rent & Buy

MediaCore SMS platform offers a variety of licensing packages to meet individual needs of messaging carriers. Contact our team to get MediaCOre SMS Platform demo.