Build a strong
VoIP core with MediaCore

Maximize business operations, automate data processing, and protect network integrity with MediaCore SMS – an award-winning stand-alone SMS hubbing and bulk SMS platform.



MediaCore SMS Advantages

Intelligent set of functionalities that guarantee exceptional A-Z SMS termination Increased productivity, efficiency, enhanced performance, and lower operating costs. Award-Winning Solution for the increasing SMS Market.


Outbound 1-way A2P communication and all required bulk SMS features: delivery reports, sender ID, long SMS option.

Compatibility and Resilience

High level of security and resistance to attacks. Advanced security services to safeguard your company and ensure that compliance, fraud, and abnormalities do not occur.

Real-time reporting

Variety of reports, providing executives, managers, and technicians with the information they need.
Monitoring business values and statistics the right way.

Data visualisation

Analyze your traffic with ease. User-friendly visualization tools transform data into comprehensible charts and graphs for enhanced company analysis and planning.

Technical support

Сlose supervision of each system by qualified technical support specialists. Round-the-clock availability. Continuous software trainings, help, and software updates available at any time.

Mobile application

Quick access to critical voice and SMS reports, charts, and infographics in real-time.