MediaCore Softswitch

MediaCore SBC - Class 4 Softswitch

The Carrier-grade Platform For VoIP Wholesale!

MediaCore SBC is a carrier-grade VoIP platform specifically designed for voice and SMS traffic. It is a Class 4 Softswitch that provides comprehensive VoIP routing, advanced billing with reporting features, unbeatable security and industry-leading flexibility and reliability.

The softswitch ensures usability, scalability and guarantees delivery of world-class telecommunication services.

The Session Border Controller has integrated systems of routing, billing, switching, transcoding, revenue assurance, and an optional bulk SMS module. It is designed to optimise VoIP carriers’ business operations and elevate their telecom services to a top-notch standard.

The MediaCore Class 4 Softswitch is suited for wholesale voice carriers of any size, VoIP terminators, and Tier 2/3 service providers.

All-in-one Class 4 Softswitch

MediaCore is a fully integrated Class 4 solution to manage your telecom wholesale network. MediaCore is the best choice for the following services:

VoIP Termination

Traffic Aggregation and Exchange

VoIP Peering

Wholesale Messaging

MediaCore Functionality


As a Class 4 Softswitch, MediaCore SBC ensures a stable and secure VoIP call termination. It is an affordable investment that guarantees smooth, intelligent and efficient transmission of voice packets — putting the control over call traffic back in the hands of VoIP carriers.


The Session Border Controller is designed to take carriers’ security needs into account. It is efficient at protecting their business data and assures the stability of their network over time. Our built-in carrier-grade architecture allows businesses to prioritise their routes and deliver a robust VoIP service — making it suitable for high volumes of CC traffic.


MediaCore SBC scalability allows VoIP operators to process the needed number of concurrent calls thanks to the cluster configuration.



  • Average time of a single call routing: 0,001-0,002 seconds
  • 1500+ Calls Per Second (CPS)
  • 30000 concurrent calls
  • VPN support
  • NAT translation
  • Border control
  • Network topology hiding
  • Proxy modes: full proxy, signaling only


Our Class 4 Softswitch helps carriers find cost-effective solutions via its efficient and accurate billing system. This can increase profitability, regulate costs and allow businesses to monitor clients’ payment status.


MediaCore’s billing mechanism delivers flexibility, automation, and comprehensive financial analysis. A number of tools, including structured reports, call statistics, diagrams and charts, are incorporated into the system to help carriers effortlessly monitor VoIP and SMS traffic between their service providers.


Here is a list of what the billing function provides:

  • Multi-currency
  • CDR’s
  • Automatic invoice generation
  • VAT accounting
  • Payment calendar
  • Loop detection
  • API for integration of third-party ERP, CRM, CMS, OSS/BSS software
  • Generated reports and statistics based on ACD/ASR/PDD/NER
  • Comprehensive financial analysis


MediaCore SBC optimises carriers’ VoIP termination. With our Class 4 VoIP Softswitch, carriers can switch between simple and advanced routing modes according to the needs of their business. Customizable routing gives them full control over the call quality and profit opportunities. The settings, features and set priorities can be adjusted according to the needs of the different VoIP carriers and customer groups.


MediaCore’s routing tools and parameters are based on real-time data examination, so businesses receive the latest raw or structured data to help them make the right decision.



Types of routing:

  • Simple and Dial Peer-based
  • Least Cost Routing (LCR)
  • Jurisdictional aka Interstate/Intrastate Routing
  • LNP/MNP Dipping for Jurisdictional Routing
  • Origin-based routing (aka AB routing with origin-based pricing)
  • Quality-based
  • Profit-based
  • Day/Time-based
  • Load Balancing


Routing features:

  • Routing time: 0,0002 second
  • Flexibility: any–to–any, one–to–one, one–to–any, any–to–one
  • Routing groups
  • Auto-block of unprofitable calls
  • Prioritisation of points or destinations
  • Routing tables visual display with full information
  • Line restrictions for originators and terminators
  • Maximum call-time limitation
  • Automatic routing control


MediaCore SBC’s transcoding function can help businesses increase the speed and quality of their VoIP termination service. It is responsible for the uninterrupted transmission of media streams between providers supporting different codecs/protocols.


The codec conversion function increases data-carrying capacity and saves bandwidth. It also makes carriers immune to the dynamics of their networkensuring a smoother and quicker service.



Supported Codecs:

  • g729(a,b,ab)
  • g723(5.3,6.3)
  • g711(u-law,a-law)
  • GSM FR


Supported Protocols:

  • SIP v.2.0 (RFC 3261, RFC 4566)
  • 323 v.6 (H.245 v.13, H.225 v.6)
  • SMPP v3.4 protocol for SMS
  • 38 Fax Relay Protocol


Speedflow has developed The Guardian: a tested and trusted Revenue Assurance Mechanism which provides uncompromising protection for your class 4 softswitch.


The Guardian monitors and supervises carriers’ traffic and detects any irregularities and problematic destinations. It sends out notifications to both suppliers and technical support, so that the problem can be eliminated before inflicting any damage. It acts as a VoIP Trouble Ticket Automatic System (NOC TT) and identifies VoIP fraud schemesthus preventing revenue loss.


Auto FAS detection is based on:

  • Average Call Duration (ACD)
  • Answer-Seizure Ratio (ASR)
  • Post-Dial Delay (PDD)
  • Total amount of connection attempts
  • Successful connection attempts – all calls with a duration of more than 0 sec
  • Short calls with duration of less than 30 sec
  • Сalls profitability


More features:

  • Monitoring and track analysis
  • Auto-lock of routes
  • NOC TT
  • Automatic notifications


MediaCore Class 4 softswitch comes with an integrated carrier SMS module which allows carriers to expand their telecom business and provide wholesale messaging without any expenses from additional software platforms or installations.


Our SMS is developed with all the necessary features to ensure the optimum performance of carriers’ services. The billing, switching and routing elements guarantee day-to-day business flexibility.


Other SMS module features:

  • Automatic invoice generation
  • Filterable billing reports
  • Client/destination financial analysis
  • XDR



  • SMPP module support
  • TR/RX and TRX connection modes
  • Simple and Dial peer SMS routing
  • LCR functionality
  • Priority-based routing
  • DLR support
  • MCC-MNC codes table
  • Built-in diagrams/graphs
  • Automatic invoice generation
  • API for integration with third-party systems
  • Client/destination financial analysis

Class 4 Softswitch in action

See the MediaCore SBC screenshots




MediaCore is a class 4 softswitch that automates business processes and saves time. Its efficiency helps carriers easily manage their day-to-day traffic operations. Optimize your VoIP and SMS Wholesale with MediaCore and see the difference!

softswitch advanced reports

Advanced Reports

MediaCore SBC offers a range of reports, providing executives, managers and technicians with the necessary information to keep in touch with their business flow. Our convenient visualization tools turn data into clear charts and graphs for better business analysis and planning.

stable softswitch, best rates


MediaCore is a stable class 4 softswitch that processes high volumes of call center traffic (CC traffic), handling calls with high CPS and low ACD. Our high-availability architecture and smart components make MediaCore a great choice even for large volumes of VoIP calls.

technical support


Our professional 24/7 technical support team carefully monitors every system, provides training, technical assistance and regular software release upgrades. Your VoIP and SMS services will run smoothly on an up-to-date software solution at all times.



MediaCore is a convenient and user-friendly platform that can be quickly learned by managers and technical staff. As a result, the implementation process is smooth and fast. According to our clients' feedback, the MediaCore saves up to 60% of the working time.

mobile app

Mobile App

Our convenient mobile app for the MediaCore users grants them easy access to the essential voice and SMS reports, graphs and diagrams. MediaCore users can download our app for Android and iOS and keep a hand on the pulse of their traffic.

Class 4 Softswitch Licensing

Speedflow offers convenient MediaCore SBC licensing options to be sure that any telecom carrier can find a suitable one.

One-time license purchase is a cost-effective option for medium and large carriers and other providers with high volumes of traffic. After the license purchase, you can use it without any additional hidden payment. You can optionally subscribe to technical support and receive 24/7 top-level technical support and MediaCore release updates.

Hosted class 4 softswitch

Hosted MediaCore is a flexible and convenient option. Customers pay month by month with no need to invest neither in hardware nor to the software. The monthly fee includes everything:

  • Software license
  • Dedicated server
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Training for new customers
  • Release updates

Why the hosted option is good? It is very close to the SaaS model. VoIP carriers pay for a complete service. After the payment, we install the MediaCore on our server, and it is possible to start within few business hours. If the telecom operator needs more capacity, they just change their package, and our engineers can extend their license immediately and add new hardware if needed. No hassle, no maintenance expenditures, you just pay as you go. 

MediaCore rental option

MediaCore rent is the most affordable class 4 softswitch licensing option. VoIP wholesale providers pay for the software license only. If they have their own servers or already rent servers, MediaCore rental solution is a suitable option. It includes all other benefits of the hosted option:

  • Software license
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Training for new customers
  • Release updates

Why the MediaCore rental option is suitable for VoIP carriers? You can use your own premises and pay a cost-effective monthly rate. It is important to note that for guaranteed performance, a client should have a dedicated server. We don’t install the MediaCore on virtual servers. Our technical team will monitor your server, provide support and updates in the same way as they do for hosted class 4 softswitch. MediaCore rental license can be installed quickly and updated on the fly.  

One-off license purchase

Speedflow offers a one-off purchase option, which means that users may pay the price of the class 4 softswitch and obtain a perpetual license. Then VoIP carriers can use their MediaCore SBC without additional cost. Technical support and dedicated servers are available optionally and can be ordered as additional services. Active technical support subscription includes release updates too. We offer only complete licenses that include:

  • Voice solution license, limited by concurrent (simultaneous) calls
  • Advanced billing 
  • Transcoding
  • Revenue assurance module with anti-fraud functionality

For large packages, we can offer convenient installment plans. Our class 4 softswitch licenses have one of the best performance-to-price ratios on the market, offering great value for money paid.   


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