AccuCore is an intelligent accounting and financial analysis software designed for telecom service providers.

The ERP system automates and optimises routine business tasks, freeing time and resources for providers, so they can pursue expanding their VoIP and SMS network and seek new business opportunities instead.

AccuCore upgrades billing systems by monitoring and analysing routes, targets, payments, sales, client and supplier transactions. It generates detailed IAS- and GAAP-compliant reports with just a few mouse clicks.

AccuCore can be integrated with most softswitches on the market via API. For guaranteed stability, we recommend our Class 4 Softswitch solution: MediaCore SBC.

Price Lists Management

Keep track of price lists and save money


The AccuCore Price Lists sub-system controls fluctuations of rates along the route and handles suppliers’ price lists. Third-party billing system compatible, the solution generates price-lists and sends them to clients with a delivery success notification for carriers.


The module automates price-list management and supports any price formats. It has the following benefits:

  • Long and short codes
  • Automatic upload of price lists
  • Price fluctuation detection
  • Time zones support
  • Price lists history tracking

The ERP system offers an additional Targets and Offers analysis sub-system that allows VoIP providers to speed up their business by optimising processes of VoIP routes sale and purchase. The system stores price lists, generates bargains and sorts data in a presentable, easy-to-understand format, according to date, codes, etc.


Intelligent, efficient invoicing for your business


AccuCore provides carriers with an array of options in controlling and analysing their invoice inventory. Its invoicing sub-system processes incoming and outgoing invoices every minute with an accuracy of 0.01$.



  • Invoices for clients for a pre-set period of time
  • Incoming invoices for the further verification with suppliers’ invoices
  • Designated data storage for every billing system every client
  • Incoming and outgoing consignment notes generation

Providers have the freedom to choose AccuCore’s between real-time and off-peak server hours invoice-handling.


Clean books with AccuCore Balancing


AccuCore helps businesses organise their accounting books. The Balancing sub-system generates Balances and sorts them according to dates, routes, clients and suppliers. It permits the storage of Balances for each client and supplier to ease the accounting process.

For ease of use, AccuCore Balancing offers 7 types of notifications display and automatic sending of Balances to clients via e-mail.

Dispute Management

Benefit from detailed call reports for faultless dispute management


AccuCore’s CDR comparison module allows carriers to analyze Call Detail Records for a more effective and faster dispute management.


The module has a friendly interface allowing users to upload CDR from different billing systems with ease. Parameters can be set for each compared file.

The system generates detailed reports mentioned in clients’ CDR with the total number of calls, duration, cost, and other parameters. It displays discrepancies and provides other information about the calls not mentioned in the CDR—calls with duration discrepancy, duplicated calls, etc.

NOC TT sub-system

Speed up and simplify your technical support process


AccuCore automates the work of the VoIP technical support team and performs trouble ticket management.


It has the following functionality:

  • Shows the status of the message (received/sent/awaiting)
  • Displays process on every request
  • Stores the history of all requests and trouble tickets

Extensive Reports

Stay on top with elaborate, easy-to-understand reports


AccuCore boosts existing billing systems. Its smooth and intelligent algorithms synchronise the billing data, access and monitor financial operations and present the extracted information in a user-friendly way. The ERP system can generate over 50 different report formats.


The range of reports includes:

  • Full client report
  • LCR in context of countries
  • Low profitability
  • The best route
  • Report in context of code
  • Report in context of clients
  • Report in context of suppliers
  • Sales analysis, etc.


business automation

Business Automation

AccuCore automates data processing and optimises business flow. It simplifies routine business tasks, increases staff productivity and saves valuable time and money.

business security

High Security

Business security and data confidentiality are top priorities for Speedflow. AccuCore utilises custom access levels for its users. This helps safeguard businesses’ sensitive information from unauthorized access.

implementation support

Implementation & Support

Speedflow’s highly skilled developers and engineers will assist you each step of the way: from implementation of the solution to maintenance and support.

Online Demo

Request an online presentation and see how flexible AccuCore ERP is in automating and optimising the operations of any telecom provider.