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High-quality business solutions

Our Corporate Structure

Speedflow is a network of enterprises with almost 20 years of success in a range of Telecom fields. Since 2004, we have offered key business solutions and reliable telecommunications services to our clients.

Soon after we acquired experience in the VoIP industry, we developed MediaCore SBC-  integrated Class 4 Softswitch that can fully handle every Telecom Wholesale Network. 

The MediaCore SMS edition, that followed, won the Messaging & SMS Global Awards 2019 as a Best SMS Aggregation Tool.

We keep achieving our goals thanks to our strong work ethic, effective cooperation, drive for growth, and commitment to our partners.

Speedflow Communications Ltd. (UK)
Founded in 2004, this is the oldest company within the group.

Speedflow Solutions Ltd. (HK)
Telecom software solutions and affiliate advertising

SFB Ltd. (BG) Not exclusive to the Telecom sector services

SF Platform Ltd. (BG)
developing and putting into use our cutting-edge advertising platform, AdCharge

Our Team