Wholesale Voice Termination

Wholesale Voice Termination

Are you interested in A-Z and wholesale voice termination at the best market rates? You are in the right place. We provide stable CLI, Non-CLI and TDM routes worldwide at the top VoIP wholesale termination rates and the best price-quality ratio on the market.

With proven excellence in the telecom industry, we have the capacity and resources to tackle the expansion needs of wholesale VoIP service providers of any size. We are always dedicated to expanding our business, developing our network of VoIP routes and raising the standard of our services.

We offer

A-Z Termination

We offer interconnection for the A-Z VoIP termination of the international voice traffic to reliable tier-1 service providers. We provide A-Z termination without compromising on quality, delivering reliable and trusted service. VoIP service providers can get benefit from the high quality of service and excellent 24/7 NOC support.

Non-CLI Routes

Non-CLI routes are also known as NCLI or grey routes, Calls that are terminated through Non-CLI routes don’t display the caller ID. Instead of the caller some random number is frequently displayed. These calls are usually terminated through GSM gateways. We provide non-CLI routes worldwide combining good price and decent quality.

Direct routes

Direct Routes

We have direct routes to almost every key spot in the world and constantly strive to expand our network of interconnections. We regularly cooperate with direct suppliers from Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa, Australia and the Pacific region. Need a specific route? Challenge us!

voip platform

TDM Routes

Our company offers reliable, high-quality VoIP termination through TDM trunks. We have numerous trusted partners worldwide that manage their own TDM facilities. This makes it possible for us to offer great quality TDM routes at the best possible price out there. Additionally, we are always open to striking new interconnections with direct TDM suppliers!

FAS detection

High Quality

Our team of experts performs daily multi-level call testing to detect FAS and ensure call quality — both manually and via automated detection programs. Our intelligent system controls all important call parameters (ASR, ACD, PDD, etc.) and ensures that carriers get the best-performing wholesale voice termination services on the market.

stable softswitch, best rates

Best Rates

Due to our numerous connections and swap deals, we can afford to offer wholesale voice termination at aggressive rates and unprecedented quality. We are ready to meet the specific needs of every VoIP carrier with affordable Non-CLI routes, cost-saving solutions and an overall boost to their business performance.

Why to choose our VoIP termination services?

There are many reasons to choose our wholesale voice termination services. First of all, we offer 1/1 billing (per second) on most destinations. Secondly, we support multicurrency and work with USD and EUR accounts. Additionally, you can always trust our professional account managers and 24/7 NOC support. Finally, we offer flexible payment terms. So, let’s discuss interconnection opportunities for wholesale voice traffic exchange!

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Speedflow top Non-CLI offers:

  • Morocco mob
  • Bangladesh mob
  • Philippines mob
  • Ukraine mob
  • Turkey mob
  • Saudi Arabia mob
  • Afghanistan mob
  • Ecuador mob
  • Uzbekistan mob
  • Croatia mob

VoIP telephony benefits


Internet-based telephony gives numerous advantages to business customers. At first, it optimizes expenses. Secondly, VoIP communication provides scalability. Due to the voice over IP technology, customers can expand their phone systems on a fly without installing additional expensive equipment.

Speedflow provides time-proven wholesale voice termination services as well as a range of associated VoIP services for business customers. Our ultimate VoIP termination services enable VoIP providers to streamline their network and, consequently, improve their business.

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