Wholesale Voice termination

stable CLI, Non-CLI, and TDM routes worldwide

We constantly build our VoIP route network and improve the grade and quality of our services. Our commitment is what allows us to offer one of the best price-to-quality ratios in the industry.

A-Z VoIP Termination

Connecting international voice traffic to trusted Tier-1 service providers. Reliable and trusted service, without compromising on quality

Non-CLI Routes

We offer non-CLI routes all over the world at a good price and with good quality.

Direct Routes

Direct connections to almost all of the world’s most important hubs. With regular cooperation with direct suppliers around the globe.

TDM Routes

We offer high-quality TDM routes at the best price available thanks to the many trusted partners all over the world who run their own TDM facilities.

Smart controls

Our smart system controls all important call parameters (ASR, ACD, PDD, etc.) to ensure that carriers get the best wholesale voice termination services on the market. 

Best Rates

Non-CLI routes, cost-saving solutions, and an overall improvement in their business performance – our numerous connections and swap deals make this possible for our clients.

Advantages of VoiP phone service

Internet-based phone service is beneficial to businesses in many ways, of which two stand out the most:

With ultimate VoIP termination services, VoIP providers can simplify their networks and, as a result, grow their businesses.

Call Center Termination

A network designed to handle large volumes of CC traffic.

As our principal platform, we employ carrier-grade MediaCore SBC, which allows us to devote the necessary capacity to handle the high Calls per Second (CPS) rates and low Average Call Duration (ACD) rates characteristic of Call Center traffic.

Dedicated Routing

Dedicated call center routing plan for CC traffic that accepts calls with low ACD and high CPS rates.

High Capacity

Flexible and well-developed infrastructure, with dedicated bandwidth for a large volume of CC traffic.


Prices based on the amount of traffic. Meeting the needs of all partners, by not mixing regular CLI traffic with all CC traffic.

Our top CLI CC Routes

Retail Termination

Experienced, dependable, and innovative global provider of premium grade retail

Telecom services, including VoIP CLI routes. We are aware of how crucial it is to give the phoned party the proper Caller ID. We adopt a flexible strategy and never compromise on quality.

The advantages for your business:

Stable and reliable secure routes

The main company objective is to provide partners with dependable VoIP CLI routes, high availability services, great statistics parameters, and backup routes for each destination.

Best price-to-performance ratio

Established business relations with direct suppliers, national telecom carriers, and mobile operators enable us to offer the best value pricing on the market without compromising quality. 

First-class quality

Innovative technology, persistent monitoring, and attention to detail ensure the best possible services and products on the market.

EEA traffic Termination

High-quality routes for EEA-originated calls termination. Competitive prices with no surcharges, for European traffic.

Speedflow top CLI Offers

We update our CLI routes top offers every week. Contact us to get complete top CLI routes offer with price, ASR, and ACD.