Absolutely flawless system!

stable and reliable softswitch

After receiving TMC Labs Innovation Award, our company has had one more reason to take pride in our software product. Recently, softswitch Mediacore has proved its stability and reliability during high work loads.

The period of holidays is ‘hot time’ for VoIP operators. Cheerful congratulations, declarations of love, best wishes, turn into terabytes, become a real challenge for VoIP software. VoIP operators consider holidays as an informal survival test. ‘Operated during holidays and the software didn’t fail – said on a professional slang.’

‘Didn’t fail’- means accepted and processed the avalanche of incoming calls and sent them to thousands of subscribers all over the world.

At the end of the last week 25% of inhabitants of the Earth celebrated the end of Ramadan fasting. During this period we had a record level of softswitch Mediacore workload – more than 27 thousand of simultaneous attempts per minute (with 4 thousand active calls). The system accepted the challenge: all the calls were correctly processed by the softswitch and the information was stored.

Our developers claim it is not a limit. One of the main factors for softswitch – busy hour call attempts (BHCA) – for Mediacore system is 1 000 000 calls.

Therefore, the definition ‘stable and reliable softswitch’ when talking about Mediacore softswitch is not a publicity stunt but simply a fact.


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