AccuCore – Avoid disputes with a cutting-edge VoIP rate management solution

VoIP Rate Management

Inaccurate VoIP rate management can lead to disputes and cause huge financial and reputational losses for a company. Sometimes mistakes happen because of the human factor, sometimes there can be bottlenecks in the business support systems. In any case, VoIP operators should stay vigilant and prevent such situations.

Speedflow has broad experience in the development of the complete VoIP and SMS systems to manage telecommunications carriers’ infrastructure. To deliver the top level of flexibility and cost-effectiveness we offer a range of hosted AccuCore packages. They provide various opportunities to keep your VoIP business under control. With AccuCore, carriers can get a range of VoIP rate management automation features to make their operations smooth and avoid human mistakes.

First of all, our hosted AccuCore offers suppliers’ rate management. This functionality includes rates email monitoring, automatic upload of the suppliers’ price lists, supporting various price lists formats. Secondly, AccuCore automates clients’ rate management. It can analyze suppliers’ prices, add the margin, and generate clients’ price lists, tracking all the price lists changes in the system. Finally, AccuCore offers dispute management features comparing CDR and XDR.

As a result, our system delivers a completely new level of automation, accuracy, and business optimization. Due to the time-saving features, VoIP and SMS providers can decrease the amount of routine work and concentrate their efforts on developing their business.

Try the AccuCore system as a valuable add-on to your MediaCore SBC and automate your VoIP rate management process! For more information about the AccuCore system, contact us at


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