System efficiency is a key feature, PriaNet AccuCore testimonial

VoIP service provider PriaNet — the first company which implemented the AccuCore system.

Dmitriy Zinkovsky, the director of PriaNet, says:

AccuCore system was implemented by our company in 2008. We immediately started using the program, so we can say that the system running-in was in real-life conditions. We have chosen a complete solution out of the two possible options.

This solution enabled us to automatize partner correspondence, the prices, and invoicing processing. However, the most essential feature is that we have gained a flexible billing system, the efficient solution of parameter alteration monitoring with the help of a flexible system of arranged reports. What is more, the entire control of all the financial operations with our clients and vendors has become accessible.

Before making up our mind to choose AccuCore we have analyzed all the available business support systems on the market. For us, the main advantage of AccuCore is high system efficiency which enables us to monitor all the financial processes of VoIP business in “all in one” software solution together with the unique system of reports on various parameters and characteristics. The fact that AccuCore was created by Speedflow engineers is essential as it was based taking into account the vital problems and tasks of VoIP companies. Judging from their own experience AccuCore developers implemented secure managing and support system for VoIP business. We didn’t have to extend the system’s functions according to our demands as it contains all the necessary solutions.

Due to the implementation of AccuCore, we have significantly decreased the routine work and the efficiency of management decisions has grown. The control of mutual relations and accounting with clients and vendors has become more dynamic and functional. Financial analysis solutions have expanded considerably which resulted in work efficiency increase and saved not only out time but money as well.

During the installation process, Speedflow staff showed a remarkable level of professionalism, leniency, and efficiency in problem-solving situations which occurred. We got real support from the developers during the program installation and effective Tech support after implementation.

We would like to point out the proper, I would even say ‘knightly’ attitude of Speedflow developers towards the safety demands and the security approach while working with our database during AccuCore implementation.

To sum up, we gained a perfect solution adjusted to VoIP business demands which is rather economical but has sophisticated features. The process of installation went in smooth atmosphere of mutual understanding and eagerness for cooperation.

I would recommend the developers to create the manual with the description of all AccuCore functions. This would enable the clients to install the system by themselves. Thus, due to functional and efficient support from Speedflow, we didn’t feel the necessity of the manual. To my mind, it would be a good idea to develop simplified interface variants for first-time users, which will make the first impression friendlier.

I wish the developers’ team bright ideas in the improvement of this unique and useful software solution!”


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