AccuCore Testimonial by Afinnaone

AccuCore - Afinnaone

Afinnaone is a European based international carrier for voice traffic with over 500 interconnects across the world. The company specializes both in international and local markets.

Afinnaone offers a wide range of the high-quality destinations at very competitive rates.

Company provides services to wholesale and retail carriers all over the world.

Massino Lucera, Managing Director of Afinnaone, shared his opinion on the AccuCore:

‘Afinnaone implemented the AccuCore system almost two years ago. The main issue in our work before the AccuCore implementation was everyday routine with providers and clients price lists. We had to create them manually, check them many times for mistakes and manually upload to the system. Also there were some issues with CDR comparison.

AccuCore system solved these issues and made our operation more efficient. AccuCore has numerous features. The most useful ones that help us to solve our routine tasks are:

  • Balances
  • Outgoing Invoices sending
  • Incoming Invoice checking
  • Price list uploading option
  • Price list creating option
  • CDR comparison tool

Owing to the Accucore system our Sales and NOC teams don’t spend a lot of time creating prices and comparing CDRs. They can devote more time for their direct tasks. Another AccuCore benefit are the instruments for invoicing and balancing. They greatly optimize work of our Billing Department.

We are very impressed with the AccuCore and highly recommend it to the telecommunications services providers!’



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