SMS Hubbing Providers – A Guide to Making the Right Choice

The right SMS hubbing Platform

SMS traffic is increasing rapidly and creates opportunities for enterprise messaging businesses. Whether companies start an SMS division or they need to upgrade their existing messaging infrastructure, they face the problem of choosing an SMS hubbing platform that will enable their business growth. Let’s review which aspects are the most important when choosing the SMS solution.


Selecting the right software vendor is a big decision for any business. It can set the long-term direction of your company.

Communicate with the vendor, ask questions, and make sure they completely understand your requirements. Check their past projects as well as their goals for the future. Don’t rush the evaluation process and take your time for decision-making. It’s better than replacing platforms several times per year.

Speedflow is a vendor with more than 15 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Having our SMS aggregation branch, we are also users of the MediaCore SMS platform, so we understand market trends and needs and test the platform by ourselves.


The needed features include supported protocols, MCC-MNC lookup, system capability, integrated billing with automated invoicing, interoperability with third-party systems and others, that can vary for different projects. It is important to make research to understand which features are core for your enterprise messaging business and which ones aren’t really needed. Sometimes vendors add minor features, which are not necessary at all, just to increase the price.

Time is money, which means usability also matters. If the system is intuitive and user-friendly, it will take less time to implement it and teach employees to work with it.

Price and Licensing

We all know that price usually depends on the quality, reputation, and features included. When you compare pricing terms of different vendors, pay attention to the full costs. They should include further maintenance and support, new releases, hosting, and bandwidth, etc. Make sure all these extras are available and fit your budget.

Speedflow, as an SMS hubbing platform vendor, offers flexible options, including a one-time payment to purchase a software license or monthly rental payments. We provide servers, technical support, and training, software release updates, which are extremely important to stay up-to-date.


Testimonials are essential. They boost the credibility of the vendor’s business and show things from the client’s side. It is good to find verifiable testimonials, where specific business cases are described. In such a case, you can find a company that is similar to yours, research their implementation case, ask relevant questions, and take a final decision.

MediaCore SMS Platform has a proven track record of helping messaging carriers grow or even start messaging business from scratch.

As a result, knowing your needs, budget, and preferences you can choose the right SMS hubbing platform, and, even more important, avoid mistakes and save your time and money.


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