Anti-fraud campaign

Dear colleagues!

Under the terms of world crisis, security issues gained new and vital importance. All the participants of VoIP market understand that swindles can threaten their business more than ever before.

The only effective weapon in this case is the information which will keep you aware of people and companies who are not reliable to deal with. Having united our efforts we can provide full list of cheatings which took place and, henceforth, warn each other.

 Contributing to scams struggle, we placed the banner of anti-fraud portal on our site. is already well-known as a reliable provider of cheating cases on VoIP market. There you can find the list of companies and even people who were reported to be frauds as well as common cheating tricks.

We invite every company supporting “fair play” on VoIP market not to keep aloof and place the banner on their sites in order to attract more attention to this issue. Secure your business showing your concern.


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