Meet us at iWTC 2024 in Uzbekistan, 23-24 April  

 This Apil get ready for a journey into the heart of global telecommunications at The International Wholesale Telecom Congress (iWTC 2024). This exceptional event stands as a beacon for the expansive Carrier Community and the ICT industry at large. It is going to take place at the International Holet Tashkent in Uzbekistan, Tashkent this April 23 and 24. 

 iWTC: Where Connections happen 

 iWTC 2024 is more than just an event; it offers an immersive experience designed for the diverse carrier community and the broader ICT industry. Uniting participants from different sectors in the Wholesale Telecom Industry, such as Tier 1, 2, and 3 carriers, mobile and wireless operators, ISPs, fixed line providers, technology allies, data and satellite companies, and more.  

 At IWTC, more than 350 industry peers come together to network, exchange contacts, explore prospects, conduct business transactions, and promote brands. This place is a hub of creativity, teamwork, and development. 
Meet Nina Yasinskaya: Our Senior Voice Manager 

During this telecom extravaganza, meet our stellar representative, Nina Yasinskaya, Voice Manager at Speedflow. Nina is not just attending; she’s on a mission—to establish meaningful connections, participate in insightful meetings, and maximize business prospects. 
Schedule a meeting with her at email 
Explore the World of Speedflow Wholesale Services 
Exciting news! Nina invites you to approach her to dive into the world of Speedflow Wholesale Services. We pride ourselves on offering top VoIP Wholesale Termination rates with the highest price-to-quality ratio in the industry. Our offerings include dependable CLI, Non-CLI, and TDM routes worldwide, covering: 

  • Wholesale Voice Termination 
  • Call Center Termination 
  • Retail Termination 

It’s not just about services; it’s about forging partnerships that stand the test of time. Connect with Nina at iWTC 2024, and let’s explore the future of telecom together. 



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