AWC Miami 2016 is over and it was a huge success!

AWC Miami

Early March is normally a time of rains and unpredictable weather all across Europe but that is never the case in sunny Miami. The Speedflow Team just got back from the wonderful Americas Wholesale Congress 2016 held in The Magic City and we are feeling more refreshed than ever. Our Team got through a big chunk of work, meeting lots of partners and raising awareness about our development services.

On AWC Miami 2016, along with the presentation of our telecom and software products, we put a strong accent on our Outsourcing and Outstaffing services. Their growing popularity and customer benefits were showcased to everyone interested and the responses were more than encouraging. In today’s booming business, time and money are a very valuable asset and saving them with a good Outsourcing service certainly appealed to the crowd.

Next year we will see you again Miami and until then you can check our photos and the list of upcoming events to learn where else Speedflow is going!


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