CallMax Purchase Options based on Modular Architecture

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CallMax is a multifunctional B2C solution designed for IP PBX, Calling Card, and Call Shop companies

As a software developer we do our best to deliver our Services and Solutions in the most convenient way possible. Starting now, small to medium-seized businesses can leverage new flexible purchase options.

As a result of your numerous requests, we have developed CallMax modular architecture. That means that now you can purchase IP PBX, Calling Card and Call Shop each as a standalone module.


CallMax IP PBX engine is a professional, modern system designed to provide high-quality PBX services for all kind of end-users with unlimited number of PBX accounts and extensions.

Calling Card Platform

CallMax Calling Card platform is a standalone Solution for VoIP operators which provides customers with international and long-distance VoIP calls. DID support allows operators to provide services worldwide having a single software platform with no gateways and/or expensive physical equipment.

Call Shop

CallMax Call Shop is all-in-one solution with integrated billing for managing call shop business of any complexity.

Don’t be tied up! Have a choice! Pay for what you need only and add or replace any module without affecting the rest of your system.


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