CDR Comparison Module in AccuCore system

voip business support system

CDR comparison is a frequent necessary measure in VoIP business routine. Companies constantly deal with the discrepancies in their partners’ data due to call duration differences. The comparison procedure takes a great deal of lengthy and routine processes. In order to simplify, automatize and speed this procedure the CDR comparison module was developed in Accucore system. This module allows avoiding unproductive expenditures and increasing dispute handling efficiency.

No preliminary preparations and file unification is required: all necessary settings can be indicated in the system menu. Comparison module has a friendly interface with the help of which CDR can be analyzed and generated in various billing systems. Numerical value delimiter, date display format, time zone (GMT), technical prefixes elimination can be indicated for each compared file.

As a result the user gets the report which indicates the total number of calls, duration, cost, etc. mentioned  in customer’s and  client’s CDR. The system displays discrepancy figures on these parameters and also provides detailed information on various characteristics: the calls not mentioned in customer’s or client’s CDR, calls with duration discrepancy, similar calls, etc. All the information is displayed in reports separated by days (weeks), the calls are grouped according to their duration and quantity. Basing on these reports efficient detailed dispute analysis can be done supported by the necessary information.

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