“Try the MediaCore SBC and you will not regret” – a testimonial by GoIP Trading

Class 4 softswitch feedback by GoIP trading

Testimonial by GoIP tradingCustomer feedback is significantly important for our company. It plays a primary role in the MediaCore roadmap development. Lately, we’ve got a chance to speak with Mohamed Bilal, a COO and Partner of GoIP Telecom. They have been using the MediaCore SBC since July 2019. Below you can read their feedback about our Class 4 VoIP Softswitch.

Hi Mohamed. First of all, can you introduce your company to our readers?

– Hi. GoIP Telecom/ Trading as a company has been working in VoIP business since 2011, focusing in the Middle East and Africa. We have branches in 6 countries all over the world.

We are always interested in extending our relationship and business. Our company works with all types of retail and wholesale companies, creating a friendly environment regardless of the business, to ease the challenges faced daily.

Great! Please describe the searching process. How did you find out about the MediaCore?

– The MediaCore Solution was recommended to us by one of the VoIP partners. We reviewed it and selected your platform as it covers all our requirements.

Kindly list three main MediaCore benefits that appeared to be the most useful for you.

– There are many more than 3 strengths. But summing them up, I would highlight MediaCore’s accuracy, codecs compatibility and also it is important to note that the MediaCore SBC is a Unix-based platform.

Please summarize in a few sentences the results you achieved with the help of the MediaCore SBC.

– We’ve been using the softswitch for almost one year. The architecture of the system with two separate machines for front end and back end improves the operations and delivers a higher service level comparing to our previous systems.

With the MediaCore SBC our work became more organized. It gives us an opportunity to provide better management of customers and vendors.

The 24/7 friendly support is also a big advantage. And beyond that, the sales team is always trying to support all our additional requirements. They are available to answer any questions.

What will be your message to all potential MediaCore customers?

– Try the MediaCore SBC and you will not regret, unless you want to work without GUI!

Mohamed, thank you for the opportunity of speaking to you today, we appreciate your kind feedback about our VoIP softswitch solution!

We invite you to read more MediaCore Class 4 VoIP softswitch testimonials here. Contact our Software Sales team today and tomorrow you will have your own success story to share!


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