MediaCore – 10 Years of Excellent Customer Service and Loyalty

Customer Satisfaction - MediaCore

How do you measure customer satisfaction and loyalty? The retention rate is a proven indicator that shows the quality of your product or service. Furthermore, it helps companies to build amazing relationships with their clients.

Retention is not something that can be built in a moment. It is also a long-term process that requires a coherent plan. Speedflow indeed values its software partners and does all its best to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Our MediaCore SBC has a client base of hundreds of active customers. Our average customer has been using the MediaCore SBC for more than 4 years. But some of our MediaCore partners have been working with a platform for a decade and more.

The voice over IP market is very dynamic, so 10 years is a long time in the VoIP and telecommunications world. Although we constantly improve the MediaCore SBC, business rules are changing every year too. Various platforms appear on the market regularly. We are proud to have such customers who trust us for such a long period. It is a key indicator of the successful MediaCore development that keeps us up with the times.

Customer Feedback

We have contacted some of our valuable partners, who have 10 years’ experience of using MediaCore. Here you can see the feedback of Cibeles Telecom about their long-time experience with our carrier-grade software solution.

“We are happy to use the MediaCore for 10 years! It certainly helped us to build a powerful infrastructure core. The platform completely manages our voice traffic network and delivers useful online reports.” – Jose Miguel Herraiz, CEO, Cibeles Telecom

More MediaCore SBC testimonials are available here, you are welcome to read them. We invite you to try MediaCore by yourself and make a long-term improvement of your business for years to come! Contact our team to get a demo!


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