Financial Relief Plans for New MediaCore Partners

financial relief

Speedflow values MediaCore partners and understands how the current COVID-19 scare may be creating an environment of uncertainty that is restricting further expansion and traffic volume growth.

To help our partners remain proactive under the current conditions, we have developed a MediaCore financial relief purchase plan. Basically, helping carriers expand infrastructure without a risk.

From today, new customers will be able to acquire the full MediaCore license with a 3-month delay on a big size of the payments. What this means is that MediaCore will be fully available only with a single and reduced initial payment from the whole price. The initial installment will be needed to set up the system and arrange support and training. The rest of the installment package will remain inactive until month 4. After it carriers can receive convenient and hassle-free plan to complete the full license purchase.

The plan is ideal for partners who want to create financial cushion before they start paying. Moreover, eliminating financial risk. It’s an excellent chance to get acquainted with a leading carrier-grade softswitch. Also will build a profitable VoIP and SMS business.

Take advantage of this financial relief offer and upgrade your SBC at very convenient terms.

Contact to learn more and to arrange a MediaCore demo.


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