Get More with MediaCore SMS Platform

get benefit with mediacore

We at Speedflow always want to give our customers more – more features, more flexibility, and more capacity. This time we are happy to announce that all new MediaCore SMS platform customers are welcome to get benefit from our extended monthly subscription licenses. The minimum license that included 300’000 monthly messages before now offers 500’000 messages per month at the same price! Save up to 40% per 1 SMS with the new MediaCore packages.

All MediaCore SMS monthly packages include the software license, installation, training, and 24/7 software technical support. A dedicated server is additionally available on demand for hosted packages, delivering a complete messaging solution that includes all needed software and hardware. The extended monthly volume applies to all MediaCore monthly rent options!

MediaCore SMS platform is a stand-alone SMS hubbing and bulk SMS platform. In short, it consists of SMS routing, switching and billing modules. That allows messaging carriers to provide a full-fledged SMS termination without using any additional third-party solutions. Read the MediaCore SMS platform testimonials to see why messaging service providers worldwide choose our solution.

If you want to get benefit from our special offer or have any questions regarding the MediaCore SMS platform, contact our software team at or submit a contact form on our website.


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