Grand Expansion of Speedflow


Speedflow Communications is in the USA now. We’ve started business cooperation with Telx. Our new POPs are located in New York, 60 Hudson str. dedicated to North America and over the Atlantic connections, and in Miami, 36 North East 2nd Street dedicated to Central and South America.

PoPs in the American region open up new opportunities for our business. The US market is highly developed that’s why the strong market presence in the North America is an important condition of company’s success.

Points of presence in the USA help us to be closer to the American customers. Firstly, it helps to establish interconnections with large American telecoms. We can cooperate closely with local originators, terminators, call-centers. Secondly, Speedflow is the VoIP Softswitch solutions developer, so PoPs in the USA allow us to provide the clients with end-to-end solutions without worrying about servers and collocation. American customers can start working with our softswitches almost immediately.

We have recently increased our business power in Europe as well. Now we have points of presence in European, Asian and American regions. It allows us to have both telecom and software partners on all continents. We believe that this expansion is an important step towards our global VoIP market leadership.


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