Guardian: Enabling our Tech Support to Shine

Tech SupportTech support plays an important role in ensuring the highest quality of VoIP services. Their high-grade work makes a company both reliable and efficient. The more traffic a company has, the harder it is to maintain it. That’s why it’s important to have an automatic preventative system that detects problems immediately.

Speedflow is too proud of the services that we have created. As a result, we use our own proprietary Guardian mechanism to take our Technical Support Team to a new level. The system analyzes traffic and informs our NOC team as well as the supplier. It can block problematic destinations or notify support engineers to check them manually.

With the growth of our suppliers’ base and traffic volumes, we face new challenges and issues. But with the Guardian system we can solve them even more quickly and effectively. It helps us to develop our business and assures the high ASR and ACD of our destinations. Prompt reaction to traffic changes helps us to reduce complaints from our customers, enabling our reputation to grow.

All in all, Guardian is an indispensable assistant to our technical support Team, solving most issues before the client detects them.

Contact us to learn more about the smart Guardian mechanism and to implement it into your telecom business.


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