Hot offer for VoIP operators: softswitch equipped with the transcoding function

voip softswitch

Softswitch MediaCore — up to 40% discount!

From the 1st of July till the 1st of September 2009 Speedflow Communications announce unprecedented offer.

During this period the price for the MediaCore softswitch with built-in billing for 1000 concurrent calls is only $20000 (with SIP-H323 convertor).

 The softswitch for 300 concurrent calls goes just for $9000.

Three months technical support for FREE.

MediaCore Softswitch is a modern VoIP business tool, worth-while solution both for new companies and for experienced operators.

MediaCore Softswitch — Linux Based Solution for VoIP traffic routing and billing

Millions of transactions a day and thousands simultaneous subscribers calls can be processed by MediaCore Softswitch. It’s SIP and H.323 compatible, and equipped with the transcoding function. The system is controlled and adjusted through the user friendly web-interface. Because of these features MediaCore Softswitch is the universal & useful VoIP-business instrument compatible with different hardware and software.


Thanks to the transcoding function, MediaCore softswitch can support all popular codecs used in the field of VoIP communications: G.729, G.729A, G.729B, G.729AB , G.723.1, G.711.

Due to converter algorithm a real time transmission of VoIP traffic on any to any basis is fulfilled irrespectively of what codecs are used. To avoid productivity slowdown while transcoding the original processor load balancing routine was developed by Speedflow experts.


Embedded in MediaCore softswitch billing system allows to carry out detailed analysis of each call, any provider or destination over a selected period of time. One of the important module’s features is capability of setting different credit limits subject to a status of the partner. It maintains accounting of invoices made out by traffic vendors, generates and sends invoices for traffic buyers.


MediaCore Softswitch is equipped with Guardian — the monitoring system of the VoIP connection quality. Guardian analyses VoIP traffic considering different directions and suppliers. It allows checking such important parameters of communication quality as ASR and ACD. Prompt analysis of these two key criteria allows the decision-making process being considerably accelerated. That results in profitability increase.

VoIP Trouble Ticket Automatic System (NOC TT)

Based on routing analysis NOC TT system automatically generates and sends notification e-mails to suppliers in case of the incident or connection quality decline.

When identifying faults NOC TT system uses a complex of unique algorithms based on multivariate analysis. An elaborate logic of statistically uncertain problems elimination makes it possible not to bother a supplier with unfounded problems or false messages. Because of NOC TT system flexibility criteria analysis can be adjusted in accordance with different traffic priorities and expected profit rate.

NOC TT system was built on Speedflow engineers’ hands-on experience in VoIP problems solving.

MediaCore Softswitch efficiently meets the technical challenges providing you with the ability to conduct business.


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