Independent testing was absolutely successful

voip softswitch with transcoding At the end of June 2009 Speedflow Communications conducted an independent testing of MediaCore Softswitch with the help of the following tool: Protos Test-Suite: c07-h2250v4.

These tests were developed by The University of Oulu and are widely used for safety and stability resistance to network disorders of various VoIP systems.

The c07-h2250v4 tool is created to test the compliance points in the systems operated with protocol H.323. The technical standards check is conducted on the following scheme. Test program Protos generates big amount of malformed packets and sends them for the system processing. In fact the test check is to detect system resources to maintain a large number of calls and to reject incorrect subscribers’ calls.

The conducted tests confirmed the high security and fail-safety standards of MediaCore Softswitch. The system proved to be 100% secure in different conditions: all incoming calls were processed correctly without interfering with the system stable operation.


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