Infographic: 5 Reasons to Choose the MediaCore Routing

Call routing

Speedflow invites you to review our infographic and see the benefits of the MediaCore SBC routing mechanism. Review our file and learn what exactly differentiates our routing from other softswitches.

The infographic shows how MediaCore users improve their user experience. They ncrease their traffic volumes, decrease NOC department workload and save their working time with our carrier-grade MediaCore solution. The numbers are based on the MediaCore SBC clients’ testimonials.

Test the MediaCore SBC and make sure its enhanced routing mechanism provides great capacity with reasonable hardware requirements and offers the maximum productivity and industry-leading price-to-performance ratio.

Additionally, MediaCore provides advanced security capabilities, professional technical support, free trainings and regular software updates and improvements.

Download our MediaCore routing infographic to learn more! Contact to get demo or follow us on Linkedin and Facebook.

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