License Purchase, Rent or Hosted Softswitch – Which Option to Choose?

Hosted softswitch or license purchase

When there comes a time to implement a softswitch, VoIP carriers should choose the most suitable ownership option that meets their requirements There can be buyout, rental and hosted softswitch licenses. Before moving on to the implementation, it is important to analyze which option is the most convenient and cost-effective.

In the beginning, we recommend you research the market and test all the required functionality. Keep in mind that the lowest price is not the only important factor. Consider the functionality, security, reliability, scalability, and even usability of the platform. Finally, check if it has an integrated billing and other valuable features. So, you will be able to use it as a standalone solution.

When you are sure that the solution is right for your VoIP wholesale business, it’s time to choose the ownership option. There are several alternatives. Each of them has its advantages depending on your business model. Let’s review them in detail.

License purchase

This option requires capital expenditures (CapEx) from the voice carrier but can significantly reduce their operating expenditures (OpEx) in the future.

We recommend the license purchase for wholesale voice providers that have high volumes of traffic. Especially starting from 1000 concurrent calls and more. Also, the buyout is a suitable option for long-term projects and companies that know what they need from their class 4 softswitch.

When carriers purchase the MediaCore VoIP solution, they can optionally subscribe to our technical support and get new MediaCore releases without extra charges.

If you possess servers, qualified engineers and a support team, you can use your carrier-grade solution without any monthly fee. You pay once to buy your license and don’t invest anymore.

Additionally, the MediaCore clients can benefit from our installment plans, which will make their purchase convenient. We can split their payment, so their monthly fee will be comparable to hosted softswitch expenses, but in the end, they will own their license.

Hosted softswitch

Hosted softswitch is a monthly subscription option that can significantly reduce investment. The vendor is responsible for everything, including the servers, installation and maintenance. Hosted softswitch is a complete end-to-end solution. It is a perfect choice for new companies, which want to enter the market. The initial cost for such carriers is much lower compared to a license purchase option.

VoIP providers can choose a risk-free hosted softswitch option and, after few months, consider if it makes sense to invest in the hardware and class 4 softswitch license. 

The essential factor is the monthly price, but it’s not the only critical thing. Functionality and colocation also matter. Make sure your server is in a reliable data center that guarantees stable work with no interruption. 

Finally, when you choose a hosted softswitch, it is important to check the setup fee, installation cost and other additional payments.

If you choose the MediaCore SBC, there won’t be any setup fee. We charge only the monthly subscription. 

Rental Option

Softswitch rent is the most affordable option. It includes everything that we offer at the hosted softswitch package, but we install the solution on the client’s premises.  

This option is a good choice for companies that own their hardware and want to avoid capital investment. They can choose cost-effective software license rent and try it almost risk-free. Each client can test all the functionality of the platform without investing too much money. After that, you can decide whether you continue paying an affordable monthly cost or buy a lifetime license.

When you rent the MediaCore softswitch, technical support and release updates are already a part of your monthly subscription fee. That makes our class 4 VoIP solution one of the best options on the market. 

We invite telecom carriers to try the MediaCore and to choose the best option for their business. Contact our software sales team to get more information and arrange an online presentation.  


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