MediaCore – flexible licensing to handle the Holiday traffic increase

Holiday traffic increase

New Year and Christmas, as well as other holiday time, is a period of traffic increase. Many companies announce a 30-40% rise during the peak time. It is a chance for voice and messaging carriers to take advantage of this growth and increase their revenue. To use this opportunity, they need to be confident that their softswitch can handle high peaks of holiday traffic. It is important to have stable and reliable routing and billing systems that will help you to avoid trouble during the New Year and Christmas.

MediaCore is a platform that combines stability with top-level technical assistance. MediaCore licensing policy is flexible. The license upgrade can be done on the fly without interruption of calls. When our customers need to increase their voice or SMS license, they pay just a price difference between their old and new packages. That makes the whole updating process smooth and easy. Customers need to make sure that their hardware capacity is enough to handle higher volumes of traffic. If not, the customer should add a server to the cluster.

For SMS platform users, the process is even more convenient. Messaging platform doesn’t require so powerful hardware. Our recommended servers for rented, hosted and buyout packages can handle license increase without adding new hardware. That means SMS clients can immediately increase their license on demand. 

For more information about the MediaCore license increase, contact our software sales team at You are welcome to test our voice and SMS platforms and meet the holiday traffic increase in full alert!  


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