VoIP Free Training Sessions – Become a Proficient MediaCore User

MediaCore Free Training Sessions

Once our new MediaCore customer has the platform installed, this is just the beginning of the journey. The next essential step is to configure the platform and start to run traffic. The client’s account managers, technical support and other team members should be able to use the MediaCore properly. That’s why we provide free training for all our new customers.

Even though we make the MediaCore SBC intuitive and user-friendly, to become a proficient user, professional assistance is still required. Our free training is not technical support, it is a completely different service, designed to help new users to organize a stable workflow.

During the session, our training manager explains the key information about the platform configuration. Additionally, we offer online tutorials, so our customers can double-check the required information anytime they need it.

Typical MediaCore training scenario

Our training session usually includes the following:

  • A general overview of the system. For users with no experience, we can optionally explain the purpose of each part of the MediaCore SBC.
  • Financial settings. We will show to our clients how to create and use financial settings for clients and suppliers.
  • Creating of origination points for clients and termination points for suppliers.
  • We will teach our clients to upload tariffs for origination and termination as well as price-lists.
  • Routing setup. Our manager will explain to you both simple and advanced routing options.
  • The next step helps MediaCore users to check and verify the correctness of all routing settings.
  • After that our manager will help you to make a call or send SMS through the MediaCore SBC.
  • Finally, we will help users to see the CDR for a voice call (or XDR for SMS) on the web-interface.

Additional training options

Sometimes basic training is not enough. In such a case our training manager can help with:

  • Overview of the additional tools, settings and reports upon the client’s request.
  • Answers to the client’s questions if there are any.

The main goal of free training is to help new clients to launch a MediaCore class 4 solution without any hassles. If clients need something different we can arrange an individual session with a custom plan. After the training, our clients are able not only to create and manage their routing but also to use all the MediaCore functionality to optimize the traffic flow and improve their business processes.

If you want to implement an industry-leading VoIP and SMS solution and have a complete training, don’t hesitate to contact our software sales team at info@speedflow.com.


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