MediaCore migration program – Get a boost for your business

migration program

Do you want to implement a high-level VoIP or SMS wholesale solution? We invite you to take advantage of our new MediaCore migration program. We deliver a sustainable platform that includes all the necessary functionality to grow your business. Our new migration program is designed to make the implementation process technically and financially feasible for telecom carriers.

The program provides a range of pleasant bonuses. See them and learn how you can obtain a carrier-grade softswitch at the special terms.

5 benefits of the MediaCore migration program

  1. First of all, we offer special MediaCore buyout rates with up to 20% discount. Our preferential prices are valid for both voice and messaging MediaCore packages.
  2. Secondly, you can get benefit from the three months of free software technical support. The first months of implementation can be challenging. Our helpful team will assist you during the whole implementation process and help you to arrange all business processes.
  3. Additionally, our migration program offers extended installment plans with reduced monthly payments. You can buy the MediaCore Solution starting from 600$ of the monthly installment payment. We offer installments from 6 to 15 months, depending on the chosen license package. It will help you to avoid high capital expenses and migrate hassle-free.
  4. As usual, you can take advantage of the free setup and free training sessions. Speedflow won’t charge for the system installation, regardless of the hardware provider, which can be either client’s or ours. Free training sessions are also available for new partners, so their managers and engineers can learn the system quickly and effectively.
  5. Finally, we provide free and easy data migration. Our engineers will help you to integrate the MediaCore into your network and give complete assistance with data migration from your previous softswitch.

Apply to the program

Our special MediaCore migration terms are valid till the 15th of November, 2021. Apply to the MediaCore migration program today, implement our carrier-grade class 4 solution and give a powerful boost to your business! Contact Speedflow software department at to get complete information about the program.


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