MediaCore new release: The biggest update and optimization yet!

Speedflow is pleased to announce the launch of MediaCore 4.3. The new release, available from November 18, is packed with various new features and updates making the MediaCore better than ever!

The upgrade introduces several brand new components and advantages:

  • Additional security tools
  • Upgraded Spam Calls filtering
  • A handy new Event Trace option in the Guardian module
  • Updated Dialpeer settings

The improvements don’t stop there. MediaCore users should check out the newly optimized Diagrams, Call Charts, Financial Summary and other reports, in addition to the Trouble Ticket generation tool.

MediaCore 4.3 also introduces a long list of alterations to Codecs settings, DTMF Methods Support, SIP protocol (Info, RFC 2833), H.323 protocol (RFC 2833, H.245 Alphanumeric, H.245 Signal), etc.

The update can be completed quickly and easily at any convenient time and is absolutely free for our partners. To get more details about the MediaCore new release, please contact our Software Sales Department at


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