MediaCore rent offer – save 40% and get a free server

Free server mediacore offer

The Speedflow team has announced a stunning MediaCore offer. From now on, by the end of July, all new customers can save around 40% of the monthly subscription fee. They can pay the license rent price and get a complete hosted solution with a free dedicated server! Migration to the carrier-grade softswitch has never been so easy! Start with the affordable monthly rate and build a financial cushion for your business.

We offer twelve months of free server and hosting for packages from 500 to 1000 concurrent calls. If you rent small packages between 100 and 300 concurrent calls, you will get six months of free hosting accordingly. Sign up in June and July and save from 33 to 43% of the monthly subscription fee, depending on your package.

Our hosted MediaCore SBC is indeed a flexible and convenient option to boost VoIP carrier business. It offers an all-in monthly subscription, so customers don’t need to invest in hardware nor software. The monthly fee includes everything: software license, installations and training, 24/7 software technical support, release updates. Additionally, with attention to the customer needs, we provide a free dedicated server as a part of the rental package. You will get dedicated hardware servers in the reliable European data center at no additional cost. Do not worry about server administration and software maintenance. In fact, your rental fee covers it all!

The special offer is valid for new MediaCore partners, who sign their rental agreement by July 31st, 2021. Contact our software team at to get the MediaCore demo and take advantage of the MediaCore hot deal.


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