MediaCore SBC Goes Cloud


To meet the requirements of today’s business environment, vendors are asked to add more flexibility to their arsenal of available tools.

Speedflow is pleased to announce that MediaCore SBC can be installed on cloud servers. By adopting the cloud infrastructure, we offer MediaCore users a new level of scalability, mobility and hardware cost efficiency. The change will not affect MediaCore’s traditional high-level of productivity and security.

Tests conducted in DigitalOcean’s cloud infrastructure reveal unaffected MediaCore high performance. The platform can handle high peaks of traffic in the same effective way as MediaCore SBC when installed on dedicated hardware servers. This means that all cloud benefits will be complementary to the already existing market-leading functionality of MediaCore.

The innovation opens new opportunities for big operators. It will allow them to reduce their CAPEX and save on the purchase and maintenance of expensive dedicated servers.

Migration to the cloud is the next logical step in MediaCore’s development. It reaffirms our innovative approach and industry leadership.

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For more information, contact software@speedflow.com