VoIP Call Reporting: MediaCore Smart Reports Keep You Informed

MediaCore reports

To build a profitable strategy and stimulate growth, carriers need accurate, real-time data about their operations and environment. Without access to such data, they risk wasting a great opportunity to identify and remove bottlenecks that erode their progress.

As a carrier-grade platform, MediaCore offers an array of accurate reporting tools with a generation speed of less than 60 seconds, even amid high volumes of traffic (such as CC traffic). The platform’s integrated smart reporting module keeps decision-makers informed by providing them with a 360-degree view of all their business operations. Therefore, they can sustain a high performance and discover new paths of revenue generation.

The tools are easy to use. Users can find them on the starter page, where they can easily monitor all developments as events unfold. If users need target-specific tools, they can locate and use them with just a few mouse clicks through the MediaCore menu.

All reports are designed for ease of use and comprehension. They are available in multiple presentation formats, including visual via graphs and tables. This makes them valuable conduits of complex information, which serve as a solid starting point for any plans for future growth and the devising of new deal strategies.

For full control over financial aspects, MediaCore offers real-time monitoring, operation, and reports on all financial transactions, including generation of CDRs, invoices for incoming and outgoing traffic, client billing reports and much more.

Speedflow issues regular MediaCore updates to encourage VoIP businesses to tackle any challenges in the industry with the complete confidence that they will have the right tools to achieve success.

We invite you to analyze and increase your performance with MediaCore’s in-depth, easy-to-read reports. Stay informed!

For a more detailed explanation about MediaCore reports, please contact us at info@speedflow.com.


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